human auction trafficking

Using Auctioneering To Raise Funds

human auction trafficking

All over the world, there are people struggling, some more, much more than others. If you thought one small meal a day was bad enough, try going without food for three whole days, and worse. If you thought that your job and the wages you got really sucked try being trafficked to make a living anywhere, anytime, anyplace in the world. Traveling to work is bad enough, but try being squashed into an ocean-faring container for a thousand miles or so. And see if you are able to make it that far. The human auction trafficking website makes you even more aware of the plight that these people go through.

And by dint of its practicing theme, it’s doing something that a lot of non-governmental organizations around the world find themselves having to do all year long. In order to survive, they have to raise funds. Having an auction is just one of a few ingenious ways and means of raising enough funds just to keep the office going, never mind getting down to helping all the victims of human trafficking.

Realistically speaking, that has to come much later. While it is hell for them, it is no picnic raising funds for a well-healed NGO. But when you think of all the work they are doing these days, wouldn’t this be better. Wouldn’t it be better to put your money where your mouth is? You believe in a just cause. So, that’s what you do then. You support it. You might not have the personal resources or human abilities to help out.

But you do at least have a job. And it’s not as though you’re going to be pitching everything out. All that is needed is just a few bucks from you every month or maybe just once-off.